October 16, 2012

Review: Kidz Bop Christmas

Do you know that my son LOVES the Kidz Bop CDs?  He owns several of them, and even listens to the "Kidz Bop" channel on Pandora.  Guess what Santa brought a few weeks early this year?... Yup, the new Kidz Bop Christmas! 

Description: http://razorandtiepublicity.com/KBxmas/images/KBxmas_01.jpg
Description: http://razorandtiepublicity.com/KBxmas/images/KBxmas_02.jpg

This CD has wonderful classic Holiday songs with a bit of a pop twist, but not "overly pop" like the other Kidz Bop CDs.  It's a nice mix for the entire family to enjoy.  My son enjoys that the songs are song by kids for kids. 

There are a couple of songs that are new to my 5-year old son (like Mistletoe and Holly & Christmas Wrapping), and I liked that!  It gives him something new to learn.  (And let's admit it, the 24-hour Christmas station plays the same songs over and over and over, so something new is always welcome in my house!)

And personally, I was glad to hear Auld Lang Syne on the newest CD.  I have always wanted to learn more words to that one!!

Overall: My 5- year old son has already listened to the entire CD twice, and it only arrived two hours ago. 
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