September 05, 2012

American Girl Doll Tea Party

The back of the invite asked each girl to wear a leotard and bring a baby doll:
My daughter, age 7:
My daughter is turning 7 this week so we had a few of her friends over after school today for an American Girl Doll tea party.  (Many of the inspirations & ideas for this party can be found on my Pinterest board here:
We went with the colors dark pink, light pink, black and white.

I used the tea pots as flower vases.

I got each guest a tutu and boa!

 And each doll got a special tutu as well!

 For an activity, we made American Girl doll picture frames. (I bought $1 wood frames from Michael's Craft Store and the girls decorated with American Girl doll stickers).

I didn't serve "real tea".  I did pink lemondae instead.
I also served pink cream cheese sandwiches, cut out cheese (as hearts), chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, strawberry yogurt and brownies.

My daughter had a "fancy" tutu.

My table all set and ready:

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