If I could re-do one thing as a parent, I would have started my kids eating "regular food" from the beginning.  I would have never introduced mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and such.  I would go back and INSIST that my kids eat whatever I fixed hubby and I for dinner.  I WANT ONE FAMILY DISH each night.

What is wrong with our society today that parents fix two separate meals each night?  A friend of mine from France said that this is unheard of there.  But here in the US, we are all guilty, me included. I have done it for years, and I don't know why.  Convenience I guess.  Or not wanting to hear the kids whine.

Fortunately, my son is a healthy eater.  He will eat anything or at the very least try one bite.  (In fact, last month while eating out, he ordered a caesar salad--impressive for a then-four-year old!)  But, my daughter, god bless her, is a cheese pizza, McDonald's nuggets and buttered spaghetti noodle girl.  I can't get her to eat any other meat (with the exception of bbq pork on occasion). 

Now it's a habit that we are into and I just can't break. Well, let's hope this is the only parenting regret I ever have!  Happy eating ya'll!  

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