It seems like yesterday I celebreated my 30th birthday, but truth is that was 9 years ago.

My life has changed a lot since then...ALL FOR THE BETTER: I have gotten married, delivered two beautiful kids, and no longer have career goals (I stay at home with my kids).

When I turned 30, I felt no physical changes. My breasts were at their best (plump and perky), I had tons of energy & actually enjoyed working out, and never used moisturizer on my face, but as I approach 40, I feel many different things happening to my body.

In fact, last week I was at the doctor and he said, "You do realize you are approaching 40, things will change!" AHHH!! Don't tell me that, please.  And just three days later my Mother In Law said to me, "You need to slow down and rest. You're not as young as you used to be."

Nice, uh?

I am trying to stay positive.  But, honestly, that's not always so easy.  So I am updating my blog and hopes of finding the bright side of this next phase of my life.  As I approach 40 next year, I plan to look and feel the BEST ever.

So please join me in my journey to 4-0!
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