May 08, 2011

Pity Party for One...

The first few years of marriage, my hubby did an awesome job of celebrating Mother's Day. The first year, he got me a beautiful necklace while we were vacationing in Destin. The next year, we hired a sitter, and went to brunch and a movie, and he gave me a beautiful Silver bracelet with the kids names engraved on it.

This year, well, I got a card this morning. Yes, a store bought card with his name signed on the bottom. And yes, I am having a pity party for myself today.

As I log on to facebook, I see all the great moms who were served breakfast in bed, or whose children made them great gifts, or those eating at fancy restaurants. Four of my FB friends even went away for the weekend (two to the Kentucky Derby).

My Day? I got to clean house and mop floors while my hubby worked in the yard for five hours.
I mean seriously!?! Does he really think that makes a great Mother's Day? I am stuck in the house with two fighting kids for five hours. And then he brings the KIDS out for fro-yo!!

So today, as been a huge disappointment. Yes today has SUCKED and I think I deserve my own little pity party!
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