I don't like to be "cheap", but I surely like to be "frugal" (and smart!). I already have a jump start on the Holidays...to make them more economical...

  • This year for Christmas, I have been saving "points" at various web sites to redeem for Christmas gifts. For example, I do online surveys often and I have saved all those points. I was able to redeem for FOUR one-year magazine subscriptions today. I also collect Disney Movie Reward points and redeemed those for DVDs today. I have ordered gifts for our parents and siblings!

  • All I have left is to shop for the kids and hubby! (And I redeemed our credit card points for gift cards today so I can start shopping for their toys soon!)

  • Instead of ordering "fancy" Christmas outfits this year for the kids, I decided to get them personalized Holiday tee shirts. Thank you http://www.writteninthread.com/ for your help! (Honestly, the fancy outfits are not needed, since our Holidays end up being more casual). The kids can wear the cute shirts to their preschool's Christmas program, in our family holiday photo, and even on Christmas day!
  • I also sale listed last year's Christmas outfits on eBay. Again, the extra cash can be used for this year's gifts!

  • I have even scheduled our Family Portraits. I have traded event tickets with a friend who is a photographer. We will take them in mid-November. (And another freebie, as I redeemed Disney Moview Reward points for free cards at Snapfish!)

So, how are you doing with Holiday planning!?
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