First, I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart today. I got $12 worth of groceries for $5!

Lays Kettle Chips ($2.46 each) -B1G1 coupon (facebook)
Lea & Perrins Sauce Price $2.54 -$2 off coupon
Potato Mix $0.72 cents -0.40 cents off
Viva Big Rolls $3.26 -0.50 cents off
Yup, I saved 55-percent at Wal-Mart today!

Second, I made another quick trip to Publix today. I spent $20 out of pocket for $50 worth of groceries! That's a savings of 60-percent.

Here's a quick summary of some items I purchased:

Buy Heinz Ketchup, get Publix Ketchup free!
Hidden Vally Dressing -B1G1 -2 coupons
Dove Deodorant -B1G1 - 2 coupons
Buy Centurum Vitamins, get Smart Start cereal free (plus more coupons)

So on my two shopping trips to Publix this week, for a TOTAL: I got $63 worth of stuff for only $32 out of pocket!

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