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What happened to "Sunday best"?

Growing up, my father would never let us wear blue jeans to church. Occasionally, he would allow us to wear pants but usually insisted that my sister and I put on a dress for service. He called it our "Sunday best."
Yesterday, as I sat down in church for the Ash Wednesday service, I was amazed at how some women dressed for mass.

A lady in front of me actually wore her gym attire to church. She looked like she was ready to run a 5k.

Now I know I should be thinking, "Hey, at least she went to mass," or "Who am I to judge her choice of clothing?", but instead I am thinking "What ever happened to Sunday best?".

As I looked around, I noticed two other women who were ready for yoga class.

Maybe I am old school, but I believe that some etiquitte--fashion etiquitte--should be up held in a place of worship.

Here are a few suggestions:
1. If you do wear jeans, please make sure there are no holes or frayed hems.
2. Don't wear your tennis skirt or gym pants to service. You can take five minutes to change from your church clothes to your workout clothes once you arrive at the gym.
3. Men, please remove your baseball cap the minute you walk into a place of worship.
4. Don't wear your beach flip flops. (This goes for all of us, young and old.)
5. Moms, please don't let your teenage daughters wear short skirts and dresses to church. Watch the length.

Dad, you were right. Yet again!
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