As I wrote a little about yesterday....Many of us, including myself, see November 1st at the "kick off" to Christmas. We have let the "retail world" dictate this trend of jumping from Halloween to Christmas, with little focus on Thanksgiving. Well, I AM GULITY! Although I truly wish there was more time to focus on Thanksgiving, Christmas is ALL around us, especially in the stores...and I folded...(I promise the rest of my week is focused on Thanksgiving!!)

Remember back in September, I won a $25 gift card to Banana Republic from One Fab Mom!? Well, being a mom, I didn't used it on myself!

I realized that BR gift cards could be used at Old Navy (and the Gap), so I used it to get the kids (matching) Christmas Pajamas from Old Navy! Aren't they cute!? (Christmas pajamas is a family tradition with us. We do it every year and the pictures are just adorable.)

Does your family have a Holiday tradition? I'd love to hear it.
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