Well, this is my 90th post...which has me thinking back to 1990, the year I graduated from High School. Oh, High School...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good:

  • At 17, I didn't have to worry about my weight. (I could still wear a bikini, too!!) In fact, I did a little modeling and beauty pageants that year. Yea, I thought I was hot--lol. Who doesn't at 17!? I wish I had all that confidence today.

  • Great TV shows: The Cosby Show, A Different World, Home Improvement, Golden Girls. (Great family comedies, not today's reality shows)...and oh, Beverly Hills 90210 hit the airways!

  • I had access to mom's mini-van (I could squeeze in like 7 girl friends at once!) and never had to pay for my own gas! On the weekends, we would tell our parents we were off to see a movie, but ended up guzzling can beer in a sugar cane field.

  • And college, wahoo. College and sorority life was just a few months off!!!
The bad:
  • Oh, the peer pressure (yup, you know what I mean, to have sex or wait! Was I to be "Donna Martin" or "Kelly Taylor"?).

  • "Mean girls" and cliques. (I ended up not going on "senior trip" due to this one crazy girl who made my life hell because she wanted my boyfriend. Oh the drama, ha.)
The ugly:

  • I have to ask mom to scan a picture of my prom dress. It was huge and shiny. And PURPLE! (Funny story, my date/boyfriend left me at the prom because I had broken up with him a week before prom! My parents hated the guy and we dated for over two years. Ugh, looking back at pictures of him, I could throw up--ha.)

  • We really did listen to M.C. Hammer and Sinead O'Connor.

  • Ugh, the fashions sucked (talk about BIG bangs and shoulder pads!)
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