Amy and I became best friends about two years ago, when our daughters were a few weeks old. We had so much in common. We were both first time mothers who were leaving full time jobs to stay at home. Our husbands had stressful jobs that kept them working long nights so many times we turned to each other for adult conversation.

Even better, we have many of the same believes when it comes to raising children, religion and politics. We love to talk about movies, celebrity gossip, and the best new self-tanner on the market.

Last summer, we both became pregnant for a second time. We would joke about how many times we would hear "You are having another baby already? Are you crazy?" And, ironically, we gave birth to our sons within days of each other.

What makes our friendship unique compared to other best friends? Amy and I have never met in person.

You see, Amy and I met on a bulletin board for new mothers. It's kind of crazy; I have tons of "mom friends" nearby (including my daughter's Godmother who lives five minutes away & I haven't spoken to in 6 weeks!), yet I have this "online buddy" who knows everything about me and my kids than possibly my husband.

Welcome to the modern world, uh? I mean, if I can find my husband online, why not a best friend?

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