One Dizzy Blonde...

I saw my eye doctor today, and my eyes are fine. 20/20 vision. IRONICALLY, my eye doctor said his 23-year old daughter is going through the same thing I am (dizzy spells and such). Their ENT said it is a virus and takes 2 to 3 weeks to "run its course". Interesting, time will tell.

It has been great having mom here to help with the kids, and to help me get through this (emotionally and physically).

I have good days and bad days. (Meaning, some days I have to take drugs & stay in bed to stop the spinning & nausea. And other days I can clean house and maybe even run an errand or two). It's been "on and off" for ten days so I am truly OVER IT.

I have stopped drinking Diet Coke (and artifical sweetners) and now drink TONS of water. I also picked up high potency vitamins that I take throughout the day. When I am not too dizzy, I try to walk (some) of the treadmill. I have lost more weight (down to 119.)

Tuesday is my appointment with a TMJ specialist (to see if it's a jaw/ear problem) and Wednesday I see the ENT for the horribel vestibular testing.