ENT testing, ugh.

I went in today for testing with the ENT.

I did the Tympanometry (a quick test to measure pressure via energy transmission through the middle ear) and Electrocochleography (basically listened to "clicks" in my ear for 30 minutes to check for Meneire's Diseased), and some ENG Testing (oculomotor tests & positional and positioning tests)...BUT refused to do the Calorics part of the ENG Testing(water in the eardrum).

I just knew I couldn't do it. The test basically puts hot (and then cold) water in your eardrum (20 seconds in and 20 seconds out), while I had on dark googles (no light allowed). It would produce spinning to check my balance but I just freaked out too bad (at the thougth of getting sick!)--and knew it would tramatize me! (Remember I hate roller coasters). It would be done four times--twice in each year--once with cold water and once with hot water. The purpose of this test is (well would have been) to measure my balance to see if I need balance (vestibular) rehab.

But the other test will give the dr some good information, however. I will let you know what I hear.