Although I "clench", it's not TMJ

I paid wasted $297 today to see a DDS/PhD/LMT for a TMJ consultation. It is a practice of two doctors who specialize in TMJ and Sleep disorders. The patient before me was running extremely late so I waited over an hour for my appointment. One doctor exammed how far I could open my mouth, used a doppler to listen for popping and made me wear these headphones on my TMJ joint to listen for sound. NO X-rays.

Then, I got a written estimated saying I need a night guard for $1197 and 3 follow up appointments at $157 each. I was told by the second doctor that if I didn't take care of my clenching at this time, I would have TMJ later in life.

I was in the exam room for maybe 20 minutes and paid $297 for this "consultation". WOW, I should feel glad I don't have TMJ-- but DAMN I am extrememly upset at what little I got. (Dental insurance will not cover this expense, maybe that should have been my first clue, ha)