Consolidating Debt Made Easy!

With gas prices rising, as well as energy costs and grocery items, I have been looking for a way to save a few dollars. I'm clipping coupons, looking at sales ads, combining errands to reduce gas, buying generic, and eating out less, but we still struggle each week.

Add to that, we have a few (higher than I like percentage rate) credit cards here and there (mostly accrued when I was on pregnancy bed rest with Tom-Tom) so I am considering ways to consolidate debt. So when I found the web site, I was thrilled!

I didn't realize there were so many options: debt management, debt settlement, credit counseling, debt consolidation loans, home equity line of credit and mortgage refinancing. It all is was so confusing to me. But, pointed me in the right direction with tips, articles, and debt consolidation providers that have been pre-screened to help you consolidate debt.

I am actually considering a debt consolidation loan which could cut my interest rates in half. I would also need to cut up the cards you used to make the original purchases (sniff, sniff—bye bye Ann Taylor!)

I know it won’t be a fun few months but for my peace of mind, and for the children’s future, I need to get this debt eliminated.