We're going to the Beach!

Princess Mimi keeps asking us to go the beach. You know, I am not even sure how she knows what "the beach" really is but none the less, she has been asking for many weeks. So hubby and I were chatting this morning, and decided to head to the beach for a few hours tomorrow with the kiddos.

You would think living in Florida--and at that, only 30 miles from the coast--we'd go quite a bit, but we don't. We usually make a day trip about once a year.

As I started gathering up beach towels, sun block, sand toys, sun umbrella, and bottled water (yup, I know we are not going until tomorrow, I am just a huge organizer!), I started thinking it's not the actual beach I like, but the idea of the beach.

Think about it for a second. We see great photos of couples relaxing under the palm trees with frozen drinks with little umbrella's in hand...or a mom with her young child playing happily in the surf...looks nice, uh? And on tv, we hear the beautiful sound of the ocean waves...or perhaps Jimmy Buffet singing "Margaritaville"...could it get any better? The beach is great, right?

But the truth is, the beach is not very relaxing for me.

The sand creeps into every little crevice of my body--knees, armpits, and yes, my butt! And have you ever tried to chew gum on the beach? After a few minutes, Juicy Fruit becomes gritty.

The kids get hot and sticky, and beg "hold me, hold me!" (It's 90 degrees, please do not hang on me!) And as nice as the water looks, Princess Mimi is alway afraid to go anywhere near the water's edge.

So, yup, I have officially decided, I do not like the beach....I only like the idea of the beach.